458 Socom 300 GR. Coated Projectiles

458 Socom 300 GR. Coated Projectiles


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458 Socom

300 gr.

RNFP (Round Nose Flat Point)

Polymer Coated Projectiles

Sized – .459 diameter

Color – Tungsten Metallic.

This bullet is designed to work in AR platforms and 45-70 rifles.

This is not loaded ammunition.

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Our 458 Socom coated projectiles are what you need to feed that giant monster. The 300 grain bullet makes an affordable option for  Socom reloaders. This bullet is also a great choice for the 45-70, 45-110, 45-120, 458 Win.Mag and several other calibers.

Kimberlin Creek Bullet Company polymer coated projectiles  are all casted from 92/6/2 certified bullet alloy. 92% lead 6% antimony 2% tin. In our testing, we have found 92/6/2 was the optimum alloy for our bullets.
Kimberlin Creek Bullet Company uses their own proprietary polymer bullet coating. Our proprietary polymer coating is a two step process. The bullets are coated twice and baked twice at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This process bonds the coating to the bullet at the molecular level. We believe we have the most durable bullet coating on the planet. There is NO need to down load your ammo to anemic velocities like so many other manufacturers coated bullets. Also there is no burnt chemical smells that are associated with other manufacturers coated bullets when fired.
Kimberlin Creek Bullet Company’s bullet color is tungsten metallic. We do not offer other colors nor do we plan to. We are very proud of our bullets and we want our bullets to stand out and be recognized.
We have fired several thousand of our polymer coated bullets through several Glock firearms with polygonal barrels with excellent results.
Most indoor ranges prohibit the use of lead bullets but allow the use of coated bullets due to the fact that no lead is exposed to the environment. Leading of the bore is virtually eliminated, as is smoke. Long shooting sessions do not have to be interrupted by bore cleaning. Higher velocities can be attained with Kimberlin Creek Bullet Company’s proprietor polymer bullet coating.There are also associated health benefits for the reloader, as there is no touching of bare lead. Our polymer bullet coating act as a lubricant for the bullet.This lubricity reduces friction-related heat as the bullet travels through the bore.
This is not loaded ammunition.
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“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
Proudly made in the U.S.A

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